Gas Detection Systems

Gas Detection Systems

We offer a service that includes O2 depletion and/or toxic gas monitoring systems, which we have installed in medical, industrial and academic applications. We supply, install, test, commission and demonstrate a variety of systems from different manufacturers depending on the requirements of the end user. Our experience and involvement with gas detection systems has increased greatly over recent years, due to the industry taking more responsibility for the welfare of its staff and employees.

Fast response gas detection systems

Our systems respond quickly to leaks or spillages with loud sirens and flashing beacons, alerting staff to the occuring problem. The digital control panels indicate which sensor has activated, the time the alarm was triggered and at what level, as well as showing in real time the levels of gas in that area.

The systems can control solenoid valves to shut off gas supplies, control extract systems to vent an area and communicate with the BMS. Our gas detection systems range from single point to multi zone and can be bespoke designed to suit any requirements you may have.

All our systems are designed using the HSE EH40 Exposure Limits document, as a guide on system requirements.

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